Miraculous rescue of 3-year-old girl Sana after child remains stuck in 165-feet borewell for 30 hours


In a remarkable feat, the the team of National Disaster Response Force on Wednesday night successfully rescued the 3-year-old girl Sana, who remained trapped underneath a borewell for 30 hours.

NDRF is being hailed by all for its heroic efforts, while many are terming Sana’s rescue as a sheer miracle. Sana had fallen inside the 165-feet borewell at her maternal grandparents’ house while playing with other children. Her family members noticed that she had fallen and quickly alerted everyone about the horrific accident.

The incident happened in Munger district’s Murgiyachak village in Bihar at 4 pm on Tuesday. Munger Superintendent of Police Gaurav Mangla told reporters how the quick presence of mind and swift action by the district administration helped save Sana’s life. Mangla said that although the borewell was 165-feet deep, the child remained stuck at some 45-feet below the shaft.

“Rescue work began almost instantly. A trench parallel to the shaft was dug, a little over 45 feet deep the level at which the girl was estimated to be trapped. She was provided oxygen with the help of cylinders and pipes which were being handled by doctors who were pressed into service,” the SP was quoted BY PTI as saying.

Vijay Sinha, Commandant, 9th Battalion NDRF, said that his team reached the spot quickly using the state government’s hospital. He said, “They did primarily two things. First, they helped the girl’s mother talk to the girl inside with the help of a device. Second, a horizontal axis was carved into the trench so that the girl could be pulled out safely.”

A report by PTI said that as soon as the girl was brought out of the shaft safely, she along with her parents Nachiketa Sao and Sudha Devi was rushed to the Sadar hospital in an ambulance for immediate medical treatment. Locals could not control their emotions and shouted slogans to thank the district administration, the Army, the NDRF and the SDRF for their effort to rescue the little girl.

Former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav, tweeted, “Congratulations on rescuing 3-year-old Sana in Munger after she remained trapped inside a borewell for 31 hours. Congratulations to the rescue team too. Nobody can kill those, who are protected by God.”

BJP leader and former MP, Shahnawaz Hussain, too tweeted, “Congratulations to NDRF, SDRF teams and all other agencies involved on the 31 hrs long successful rescue operation of the 3-year – old – Bihar girl Sana fell in borewell big relief to the family. Such a beautiful moment – great job !”


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