Miracles do happen: Gripping story of humanity from Chennai


Kanna AP

On 8 August 2015 at 6.30 am, an uneducated single mother with her daughter was in Anna University Campus Chennai, looking for direction for Anna Arangam for her daughter’s counseling in B. Sc. Agriculture shceduled for 8.30 am the same morning.

The mother, who’s a farmer, with her little girl from a small village near Trichy did not know that the counseling was in Agriculture University at Coimbatore, almost 500 kms away from there, due to some misguidance. But, it seems even God was not prepared to let this mother-daughter duo down. They were spotted by some early morning walkers, who informed her that she was to be in Coimbatore rather than Chennai.

The girl had scored 1017 out of 1200 despite suffering from illnesses during the +2 exams and was only excited when called for an interview only to turn up at the wrong college in wrong city.

But, thanks to the effort of one of the walkers, who informed that he would sponsor to send both of them by flight immediately to Coimbatore. Other walkers contacted their friends/contacts to inform the Registrar of the university in Coimbatore. By 7.50 am, the Registrar agreed to look into the case. Meanwhile, breakfast was provided to the mother and daughter .

By 8.15 am, the gentleman who was sponsoring their flight, personally transported themto the airport to catch the 10.05 am Coimbatore flight. Arrangement were made to pick them at Coimbatore airport @ 11.40 am by car. They reached the University for counseling by 12.15 pm

The Registrar had made arrangement to ensure that the candidate got fair counseling. Through the counseling the candidate has been offered B.Sc. – bio technology in TNAU – Cbe.

Lets all believe that miracles do happen in our lives. – God Bless


A version of this post first appeared on the FB page of the writer.

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