Mira Rajput’s daughter’s ‘Good Hair Day’ goes viral


Mira Rajput, also known as Mira Kapoor, has been creating social media buzz with her pregnancy photos for the last few days.

Mira Rajput

Last we saw her was with her actor husband, Shahid Kapoor, at Mumbai Airport, where she was seen flaunting her baby bump in style. The duo was reportedly leaving for Delhi, Mira’s home city. Many fans were curious because they couldn’t see the couple’s daughter, Misha Kapoor, who will turn two in August this year.

Mira put the speculations to rest by posting a photo of her daughter in her Insta story on Friday. Her Insta story had a beautiful photo of Misha’s nicely done hair. In the photo, the little one’s lovely locks are daintily done up in several braids that start from her hairline on her forehead and meet at the crown.

The braids are then secured with several hair clips, with a peach flower at the centre drawing everyone’s attention.

Mira had recently posted a cute video of Misha giving her nice massage on the back of her hand. The video had gone viral on social media platforms. Last Sunday, Mira had posted a cute boomerang video on Instagram of a tiny hand giving her gentle message on her wrist. The caption of the video said, “ Sunday spa.”

The cute video instantly evoked equally adorable responses from her fans on Instagram. One user wrote, “This tiny little palm. No less than a lullaby feeling.” Another user joked, “Child employment is a crime.” “UR having best spa in the world,” was how another fan reacted.



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