Ministry ordered to restrict Diclofenac to save vultures


An official from Environment Ministry said that ministry on Friday, had ordered to restrict drug Diclofenac used as a painkiller for humans which is considered to be as a major reason behind steep declining of vulture population.

The ministry stated “Keeping in view the severity of the situation and the need to conserve and protect vultures from extinction, the ministry of environment, forest and climate change has requested the ministry of health and family welfare to restrict the pack of Diclofenac for human use to single dose only.”

In 2006, it was banned for veterinary use as the drug, which was used to treat inflammation in livestock, was fatal for vultures with kidney and liver failure when they ate carcasses of animals treated with the drug.

“Even after banning the use of Diclofenac for veterinary use, the multi-dose vials available in the market for human use were widely misused for veterinary purpose. This, in turn, has a severe impact on the population of vultures,” the statement said.

Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory drug used for cattle.


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