Manish Sisodia detained by Delhi Police with over 60 MLAs


In an unprecedented development, Delhi Poluce detained 65 MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party near Tughlaq Road in the national capital.

Among those detained was also the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and their detention took place as they were enroute to 7 Race Course Road.

They were going there as a sign of protest and to surrender themselves, reported ANI.

The bitter battle between the state government and the Centre escalated today as Sisodia dared Prime Minister Modi to arrest him on allegations of intimidating the businessmen of the Ghazipur Vegetable Market Association.

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Sisodia requested the police to convey his message to the Prime Minister after being stopped.

“We want to tell the Prime Minister that don’t stop the work in Delhi. Why are you taking revenge on Delhi? You have enmity with me so arrest me. All the MLAs are going there,” Sisodia told the media here.

Sisodia said he had visited the Ghazipur vegetable market yesterday for a surprise inspection, during which he found out that few people were indulging in illegal practices.

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“I scolded them and warned to take action against them. They are saying that I misbehaved with them. Of course I misbehaved. If any officer is not working properly, we will scold them. If we are being sent to jail for these, we are surrendering but don’t stop the work in Delhi,” he added.

After the complaint was filed yesterday, Sisodia, quickly turned to Twitter to state that the Prime Minister may turn the complaint into a case of extortion, violence and molestation and use it as an excuse to arrest him.

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He also alleged that the people who filed the complaint were indulging in illegal activities in the market, where he had gone for a surprise inspection.

According to reports, the police said earlier that they have received a complaint from the president Surender Goswami, but no FIR would be registered as no cognizable offence was committed by Sisodia.


  1. Sabbash Munish Ji and the leadership of AAP- Let whole of India have a glimpse of the spirit of Rana Pratap, Shibaji, Nana Shahib and Subhas Bose in AAP leadership. Remember ” Akramak mit jayega apneap. tum is liye chinta mat karo. Tum Khali jhelneme Samarth ho jao”. As the struggle between Delhi police(Central Government) and AAP intensifies, moral superiority of principles of AAP become clear to all Indians with sense of civility and culture and mainstream press, owned by the politics of gutter, looks more pathetic. For the sake of India and Indians god bless AAP and its leadership.


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