MHA issues fresh guidelines banning inter-state movement of migrant workers


The Indian ministry of home affairs has issued new guidelines restricting the movement of migrant workers stuck in different parts of the country due to the current lockdown. The new guidelines came just a day after the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to transport its students from Rajasthan’s Kota district triggered a huge controversy.

migrant workers

In its new guidelines, the MHA said, “It may be noted that there shall be no movement of labour outside the State/UT from where they are currently located.”

It went on to add, “The migrant labourers currently residing in relief/shelter camps in States/UTs should be registered with the concerned local Authority and their skill mapping be carried out to find out their suitability for various kinds of works.”

The UP government had recently sent around 300 buses to get around 2,500 students stranded in Kota in Rajasthan. This had irked the Bihar government after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar angrily said that the move will defeat the objective of the nationwide lockdown.

Nitish Kumar’s former party colleague Prashant Kishore had questioned his criticism for the UP government’s move saying that his own government had given special permission to bring the son of a BJP MLA from Kota.

Kumar’s detractors slammed him accusing him of hypocrisy since he had done little to bring Bihari migrant workers stuck in different parts of the country.

Nitish Kumar is a BJP ally and is running the state government in Bihar with the help of the saffron party.

In its latest guidelines, the MHA said that the stranded workers in different parts of the country could be engaged in ‘industrial, manufacturing, construction, farming and MANREGA works in order to facilitate their movement within the State/UT.’



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