MHA cancels Indira Jaising’s NGO’s licence, Supreme Court lawyer accuses Modi govt of being vindictive


Supreme Court lawyer Indira Jaising has hit out at Narendra Modi government accusing it of being vindictive after the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled the licence of her NGO, Lawyers Collective.

Indira Jaising

The MHA had justified its decision to cancel the licence for six months citing alleged FCRA violations.

Jaising said that she was being punished because she represented Sanjiv Bhat and Priya Pillai in the past.

She told ANI, “Just because I have represented Sanjiv Bhatt in the past, also Priya Pillai. It is malafide action. Attempt to damage the reputation of my NGO and me.”

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Jaising also hit back at the Narendra Modi government saying that the decision had been taken to “suppress the voice of dissent.”

“It is far too well to know that both Anand Grover and Indira Jaising have represented several persons in their professional capacity as lawyers in several cases against the government and the functionaries including the president of the BJP party, Amit Shah protesting his discharge in the Sorabudin murder case,” Indian Express quoted a statement released by Jaising’s NGO.

The statement added that all the foreign contributions received by them were spent “for the purposes received and accounted for”.

“The allegation against Jaising was based on the footing that she was a government servant, who was prohibited from receiving FC under the FCRA. However, she was a public servant and not a government servant, on whom there was no bar to receive FC,” the statement added.

Jaising in the past has also defended the sacked IPS officer, Sanjeev Bhatt, who lost his job after blowing the whistle against Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots case.


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