MeToo allegations force Genpac India executive Swaroop Raj to commit suicide in Noida, leaves emotional note for wife


Suspended over sexual harassment allegations of at least two women employees, a senior executive of Genpac India has committed suicide. 35-year-old Swaroop Raj was an AVP with in his company and ended his life at his house in Noida on Tuesday.

Genpac India

He was suspended over MeToo allegations by at least two female employees of his company. Swaroop had joined Genpac in 2007 and got married to Kirti two years ago. In his suicide note, Swaroop denied allegations of sexual harassment by two employees of his company.

He wrote, “Hi Kriti,Today I want to let you know how much I love you. I have an allegation by two of the employees on sexual harassment and trust me I did not do anything. I know the world will understand it but you and our families should trust me. The allegations are baseless. But the entire Genpact will know about it, hence I do not have the courage to face anyone.”

He concluded his note by urging his wife to live her life with her head held high since he had not committed anything wrong. He wrote, “I want you to be strong and live life with whole respect as your husband has not done anything. I am going as everyone will look at me with that eye even if I come clean.”

“We are in receipt of an alleged complaint of sexual harassment against you from two female employees. You are hereby suspended pending investigation while the Company investigates the said matter.

During the said period you will not be required to report for duty and not expected to work from home. However, you cannot join any other employment all other terms of employment shall continue to strictly apply to you,” India Today quoted the suspension letter issued to Swaroop.

A native of Ernakulam inKerala, Swaroop lived at Noida’s Paramount Society with his wife Kriti.


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