Mukul Sangma accuses PM Modi of being ‘brand ambassador’ of corporate houses


Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being a “brand ambassador” of corporate houses promoting their businesses through the demonetization exercise.

Mukul Sangma

“I have analysed it (demonetization) and I have seen that the main agenda of this government and the Prime Minister is not to fight corruption or black money or so-called funding of terrorist organisation. The whole agenda now seems to be in promoting some particular business benefiting some limited corporate houses,” Sangma told reporters here.

“I have not seen anybody in the world where a Prime Minister starts acting as a brand ambassador for products monopolised by a few corporate houses,” he said, referring to Modi for being part of advertisements of some private companies, which he did not name.

“This is something which is not in sync with the rhetoric.

What you see today is he (Modi) was in a hurry to please those business houses and this is how I can interpret,” Sangma said.

The Chief Minister criticised the demonetization move saying it had “completely dislocated the whole momentum of economic activities at all levels. This (demonetization) has been done without due diligence and the worst hit are the marginalised farmers.”

“They (farmers) are not finding buyers because cash is not there. There is a short circulation of cash. With the Rs 2,000 notes, both the buyer and seller are equally helpless,” he added.


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