Meet Shaikh Mateen Musa- the water angel of drought affected Latur


It’s no secret that Mahrashtra’s Latur is currently undergoing one of its worst water crisis of recent history. Such is the magnitude of the water crisis that the central government has had to ferry water trains to the drought affected areas.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal offered to do the same by sending 10 lakh litres of water to the region every day.

Their plight has moved even the members of the civil society particularly Bollywood fraternity, with actors like Nana Patekar, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar taking upon themselves to solve the water shortages in the drought affected areas of Maharashtra.

But away from the media glare and bereft of any resources, a school teacher has decided to do his bit in quenching the thirst of hundreds of people residing in the parched area.

His name is Shaikh Mateen Musa and he’s been distributing at least 10,000 litres of water every day.

His deedication to serve humanity regardless of their religion and caste will leave you moving.

According to his elder brother, Mateen has been distributing water to hundreds of people every day for nearly three months and no one in the family had any clue about his noble cause.

A resident of Aman Colony in Latur, Mateen is also a math teacher in the local high school.

In this video shot by Voice of Ram, one resident describes Mateen as symbol of manavta( humanity) adding that if anyone needed to learn humanity, he/she should have looked at this noble soul’s efforts.

A photo of Mateen silently distributing water had recently gone viral. This prompted Ram Subramanian, owner of Voice of Ram’s Facebook page, to send his team in the area to shoot his profile.

“Mateen’s story was simply too powerful to be ignored. Hence our decision to spread his good work,” says Ram.


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