Meet India’s champion cricketer, who fought all odds to win laurel for country


Deepak Malik is a champion with a difference. His achievement in Indian cricket assumes extraordinary significance because he has won laurel for India in several international competitions despite having lost his eye sight when he was eight year old.

A key member of India’s blind cricket team, Malik was a part of the team, which defeated Pakistan both in Asia Cup and T20 competitions.

In a special profile video, Malik recalls his painful journey, “In our state (Haryana), every child is expected to become a champion. Some in wresting and others in swimming. I wanted to become a champion in cricket. But everything doesn’t happen as you plan. I was eight year old, when darkness fell on my life during a festival of lights.”

But, far from being deterred by the tragedy, Malik displayed an unbelievable grit and determination bring his long-cherished dream to fruition.

He says, “Someone told me about a Blinds School in Delhi. After reaching there, I realised there was still hope for me. I was feeling suffocated for so many years. Holding a cricket bat gave me a new lease of life… Delhi contributed a lot in my successful journey of first playing for the state and then national teams.”

In the video, Malik says that he earned plaudits even from India’s former fast bowler Zahir Khan.


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