Meerut SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh caught making communal slur while intimidating Muslim men, senior justifies act


A senior police officer of the Uttar Pradesh Police has been caught making a communal slur while intimidating a group of Muslim men in Meerut recently. The video of Akhilesh Narayan Singh, SP City of Meerut, asking Muslim men to go to Pakistan while issuing chilling threats has gone viral on social media. Faced with heavy criticism, Singh’s senior has justified his actions saying that the SP, in fact, showed plenty of restraint.

Meerut SP

In the viral video, Singh is heard addressing a group of Muslim men wearing the Islamic cap. He’s heard saying in Hindi, “I am telling you. Tell them to go to Pakistan.” Another unidentified police officer joins Singh in issuing chilling threats as he says, “It wouldn’t take seconds before your future is turned black.”

A visibly menacing Singh continues, “If you don’t want to live here then leave India. You will eat here but sing praises for some other country… Tell ******* (expletives), I’ve taken their photos. Tell each one of them ****** (expletives). Please remember that I will remember this bylane. Once I memorise it… then I will reach your grandmother too. Please remember. ****** (Expletives) You will have to pay the price.”

According to NDTV, Singh returned to the same men at least thrice as he ended his threats by saying, “I will throw every man from every house in jail. (Ek ek ghar ke ek ek aadmi ko jail main bhar doonga main).” He left the place by issuing another threat, “I will destroy everyone.”

Singh began to face incessant criticism after the video went viral. His senior, Prashant Kumar (Additional Director General of Police of Meerut zone), justified his communal slur and chilling threats. News agency ANI quoted him as saying, “There were anti-India slogans being raised. Some people were distributing objectionable pamphlets. He went there and said, ‘You can go wherever you want but don’t cause destruction’.”

Kumar said that Singh had, in fact, shown restraint.

The Uttar Pradesh Police have faced global condemnation for its unspeakable brutality against Muslims by killing nearly two dozen of them while arresting hundreds of them indiscriminately. The police have been found to be acting in a dangerously communal manner, which doesn’t augur well for India’s image as a secular country.


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