Media not free under Modi government, they decide your subject everyday: Mamata Banerjee to India Today


West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said that there was no media freedom under the Centre’s Narendra Modi government adding that the country was going through a super emergency.

Mamata Banerjee

Speaking at India Today conclave, Banerjee revealed that some BJP minister had also reached out to her in the past to ask why she was so vocal in her criticism for PM Modi.

Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai sought to remind the West Bengal chief minister that her criticism for lack of freedom in the Indian media was true as she was being allowed to speak her mind on India Today. To which she responded, “That’s because they did not know what I will say, that’s why. Even you were not aware what I want to say. Otherwise, even this would have been allowed. Everyday, they also decide your subjects. We know even that.”

Banerjee also said that there was no cooperative federalism in India adding that the country was passing through a period of ‘super emergency.’

She said, “There’s no cooperative federalism in India. It’s totally super emergency going on. As industrialists. Every industrialist is now under threat. They are now under scanner. There’s no freedom. There’s no voice for the industry. Even the media house. May I tell you that all the media houses barring one or two are under scanner. They are being instructed what to do and what not to do. This is a sorry affair and I have never seen this type of arrogant attitude.”




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