Media must act responsibly in NIT Srinagar controversy


Salman Nizami

With National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar taking ugly turn with every passing day, I’m asking the media fraternity to act responsibly.

As J&K is a sensitive state some media groups which are making provocative statements should refrain from spreading tension and ensure peaceful atmosphere in the campus.

People of all sections of society should come forward to douse the flames emerging out of it. It is the responsibility of all. BJP must held responsible for raging war in Kashmir and causing controversies over controversy, which has been an old tactic to hide its shortcomings by diverting the minds of common masses from genuine issues.

What is most worrying is that BJP leaders are threatening Kashmiri students all over India on the pretext of retaliation for NIT. Students need to assure each other of mutual goodwill and show the willingness to keep each other safe The issue can only be resolved through dialogue and peace not by questioning each other’s patriotism and spreading hate.

The destruction of NIT property is completely unacceptable and is a serious criminal act. No amount of anger should drive students to damage their own institution and deny themselves and others the right to education.

I request the BJP leaders not to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of a diverse country like India, which is the result of tireless efforts of Congress governments ever since its existence.

Every now and then Kashmiri students studying outside J&K are being harassed and targeted by the goons, which speaks volumes of tolerance and harmony prevailing in India. This in turn has forced some youth of J&K to turn to ‘gun-culture’.”

The peace which was prevailing in J&K due to the rigorous and continuous hard efforts of Congress government has been systematically destroyed during this regime and the valley is again on the boil, due to incompetent rulers.

The bond, the trust which had tied up the aspirations of Kashmiri people with the rest of India due to the continuous efforts of Congress ever since independence is seen to be destroyed by the present government. We should all find this alarming.

The pro-youth initiatives of UPA government kept the youths of J&K positively engaged by providing them with job opportunities, and much more. Instead of providing such opportunities, the NDA government is promoting gun culture by unholy accusations, convicting them in fake cases, harassing them etc.

People of Kashmir, including Chenab and Peer Panchal region in the meantime, for no fault of theirs, have become the object of repression of the vested interests. True, a number of them had come out in support of the demand for “Azaadi”, but an equally strong majority of men and women, who loved India and who remained faithful to India, were also looked down upon as anti-nationals and subjected to everyday humiliation and rant.

The state of J&K is the confluence of varied cultures, Dussehra, Eid Milan, Ravan Dahan, Deepawali, all have long been celebrated together, making a grand spectacle of oneness, let the vested interest groups not undo our inherent social fabric.

Salman Nizami is a former journalist and Congress activist from Jammu and Kashmir. Views expressed here are the author’s own and doesn’t subscribe to them


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