BCCI media manager Nishant Arora sacked, accused of leaking vital info to Anurag Thakur


The Indian cricket team’s media manager Nishant Arora has tendered his resignation following Committee of Administrators (COA)’s decision that Delhi office of BCCI would be shut down.

It was learnt that Arora tendered his resignation last evening after he was told that he has to shift to Mumbai at Cricket House where the staff works. He also didn’t go to Hyderabad where India will play Bangladesh in a one-off Test from February 9.

media manager Nishant Arora

The Delhi office recruits were all former president Anurag Thakur’s staff and with him being removed by Supreme Court, it was imperative that they would be laid off.

COA member Diana Edulji said that they have not named anyone but had only instructed for the closure of the office.

“We had just said that President’ s Office in Delhi should be shut down and all those recruited in Delhi office will need to go. We never named Nishant but if he is a Delhi Office recruit then he has to go. But if his media manager’s contract is independent of it, then Rahul (BCCI CEO Rahul Johri) takes a final call. Nishant’s replacement will also be decided by Rahul,” Edulji.

Arora has been the BCCI media manager for 18 months and had been on tours to Australia, US, West Indies to name a few.

Meanwhile, Arora is also accused of leaking vital information to the sacked BBCCI president and BJP MP, Anurag Thakur.

DNA quoted a senior player as saying, “Is he (media manager) there to make things easy for us or to irritate us? There is so much of mistrust between players about who is leaking our personal conversation to the outside world.

“Media manager’s job is to deal with the media but this guy (Arora) is all over the place… inside dressing room, during team celebrations, in team discussions regarding playing eleven etc.”

There were reports that Arora also entered dressing rooms prompting players to suspect his activity.

It is not usual for media managers to be in the dressing room particularly when the players are discussing their strategies for the game or when a discussion over the playing XI is underway.

(With PTI inputs)



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