Media house supporting surge pricing by app-based taxis has Rs 150 cr investment in one such taxi company: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has likened the surge pricing during car rationing scheme by app-based taxis such as Ola and Uber to ‘daylight robbery.’

He tweeted, “Surge pricing is daylight robbery. No responsible government can allow this. Some taxis saying they will provide cabs if they are not allowed to loot. This is open blackmailing and government will not let that happen.”

Kejriwal also targetted a media house for supporting surge pricing by accusing it to have business interests in ‘one of these taxi aggregators.’

Without naming the media house, the Delhi chief minister said, “Some media houses supporting surge pricing. One of these media houses has Rs 150 crore investment in one of these taxi aggregators.”

Kejriwal said he was not against app-based taxis but they needed to follow the rule.

He said, “We are not against taxi aggregators. We fully support them. They provide important service to people. But they will have to follow law. Overcharging, diesel cars, drivers without licence/badges and blackmailing by taxi aggregators won’t be allowed.”


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