MEA condemns attack on Tanzanian girl amidst difference on whether it was racist attack


Indian external affairs ministry has ‘unequivocally’ condemned the attack on the Tanzanian girl, who was allegedly stripped naked and paraded on the streets.

The MEA spokesperson, Vikas Swarup told reporters on Thursday, “We condemn this incident unequivocally. We have assured our African friends that necessary legal action will be taken. We will take all steps to ensure the safety and security of African students in India.”

Earlier today, the MoS, home, Kiren Rijiju, had said that India needed to exercise caution while treating foreign nationals here in the country.

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Meanwhile the Kranataka DGP, Om Prakash, on Thursday said that the girl was never paraded naked as reported in the media.

He said, ‘She did not say that she was stripped and paraded.”

His statement came after the Karnataka home minister G Parmeshwara, said that the attack against the girl student was racially motivated.

He said, “This is not a racist attack, this is just a response to an accident. DGP &Commissioner went to spot today,spoke to affected students. Its clear we are taking this seriously.

“Bengaluru doesn’t have such kind of attitude.  Sometimes foreign students overstay even when their passports have expired, we will pursue such cases.”

Tanzanian ambassador to India, John WH Kijazi disagreed with the Karnataka HM and said that the case was an example of mob justice and racism.

He told ANI, “Everybody entitled to their own assessment, but there is an element of mob justice and racism. Thats my assessment. She was attacked because she was black like guy who caused the accident.”

The police said it had arrested five suspects in the case it expected to make further arrests soon.

The Tanzanian student had complained of allegedly being assaulted with her clothes torn and she paraded last week, days before Bengaluru held its much publicised Global Investors’ Meet to attract foreign investment in the Karnataka.




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