Gujarat High Court’s act of compassion against mass-murderer Babu Bajrangi


The Gujarat High Court has displayed another act of extraordinary compassion against a mass murderer, who killed 97 Muslim in 2002 genocide by extending the bail granted to former Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi.

mass murderer babu bajrangi

Bajrangi is serving life sentence till death in the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case.

Justice G R Udhwani granted an extension of one week to Bajrangi yesterday after taking into consideration the medical condition of his wife.

A week back, Bajrangi was granted a temporary bail of one week by the HC so he can be with his ailing wife.

In his plea, Bajrangi had pleaded that his wife has been hospitalised and will undergo an operation for ovarian tumor. Bajrangi had told the court that his presence would be needed at this stage.

As the one week period ended yesterday, Bajrangi once again approached the court with a prayer for an extension which was granted.

A special court had in August 2012 sentenced Bajrangi to life imprisonment till death in the Naroda Patiya massacre case in which 97 people, mostly of the Muslims, had been killed.

The same bench of the high court is also in the process of hearing a petition moved by 31 convicts including Bajrangi and Kodnani in Naroda Patiya massacre case, challenging SIT court order which had sentenced all of them to life imprisonment.

The same court had sentenced former minister Maya Kodnani, former cabinet minister of Narendra Modi, to 28 years jail.

Bajrangi along with Kodnani have been accused of making mockery of the justice system in Gujarat to avoida stay in jail.

They’ve been frequently out of jail on bail. In January, the High Court took an extraordinary step when it chose to entertain another claim by Bajrangi that he had tunred partially blind and deaf.

This prompted the Gujarat High Court to direct the superintendent of Sabarmati Central Jail to submit a report on how former Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi lives in the prison.

Since being convicted to life imprisonment, the dreaded Hindutva terrorist has been out on bail as many as 16 times with his time outside jail nearly exceeding 4 months.

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  1. In a class divided society, where the state and its all machineries, like judiciary, army work for the ruling class, justice for the exploited or oppressed class is rare & exception! Law is same for all is one of the biggest lie on the Earth!
    Today most of the so called ‘pillars’ of the democracy (Which in any case was for the bourgeois class & not for the working class of the peasants) is communalised, in addition to working for the super elites and their agents!
    Proletarian revolution is over due to overthrow the parasites, who are ruling the wealth creators!


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