Martyred sepoy Vijay Kumar was the sole bread-winner of his family


Family members of the martyred Sepoy Vijay Kumar have expressed their utter shock at the death of the soldier, whose body was recovered from under twelve feet of snow on Sunday.

He was swept away in the avalanche on an Army post in Kargil while on surveillance duty.

His relatives on Sunday revealed that the soldier was the only earning member of his family and his death would have catastrophic consequences on their well being.


One relative told news agency ANI, “We are shocked to hear that he (Sepoy Vijay Kumar K) has passed away. He was the only earning member in the family. His family is very poor. We demand that they must be rightfully compensated and job must be provided so that they can sustain their lives.”

Sepoy Kumar belongs to Vallaramapuram village of Thirunelvelli district of Tamil Nadu, and is survived by his parents and two younger sisters.


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