Martyr Hemant Karkare has been “killed twice: once by 26/11 Pakistani terrorists; now by our own”


National Investigation Agency has, as expected, watered down the Malegaon blasts case by dropping serious charges of terror against individuals associated with what came to be known as ‘Hindutva Terror.’


In a stunning development, the NIA has now reportedly dropped charges against Sadhvi Pragya, a former ABVP leader and key accused in the Malegaon blasts.

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The NIA chargesheet, it’s expected, will blame the former Maharashtra ATS chief, Hemant Karkare, for carrying out flawed investigations. The NIA, according to Indian Express, will even go to the extent of accusing Karkare, who died in 26/11 terror attacks, of fabricating evidence against Colonel Prasad Purohit, another key accused and recording witness statements under duress.

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Salian was removed from her post in October 2015.

“The only material evidence against her was the motorcycle on which the bomb was kept. This motorcycle was in her name but was being used by Ramchandra Kalsangra. Investigations have proved it was with him for two years prior to the blast. He was the one who would get it repaired and pay for its maintenance. Witness statements proved it,” an NIA officer was quoted by the paper.

The NIA accusing Karkare, a martyr, of fabricating evidence has left the social media incensed.

Angry users slammed the agency accusing it to work under pressure from the ruling BJP government. Some even went on to conclude that the NIA’s new charge against Karkare had killed the martyr once again.

Here are some reactions on Twitter, where Hemant Karkare has been trending since Friday morning.




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