Who does the married Preity Zinta miss the most, Brett Lee or Yuvraj Singh?


Bollywood’s dimpled beauty Preity Zinta, who is enjoying marital bliss these days, has recently spilled the beans on her hubby Gene Goodenough during a chat with her fans.

In a recent Twitter chat under hashtag #pzchat, the actor revealed that her 41-year-old handsome husband was “6 feet and 1 inches tall and is 41 years old. He is trying to save the world by working with renewable energy.”

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A fan asked who she missed the most between Brett Lee or Yuvraj Singh in her IPL side King’s XI. Pat came the reply, “Bothhhh !!! Next Rakhee both will get Rakhees from me cuz I am fed up of being linked to them. Though I do miss them.”

In response to another question from her fan, Preity said, “I guess I have been my fathers daughter longer than I am someone’s wife so technically not changing right now.”

Preity also tweeted the photo of her “choora” which she had recently shared on her Instagram, writing, “The only thing new about marriage is having to wear a #Choora for a couple of days.”

Preity got married on 1 March this year with her boyfriend Gene Goodenough in LA with her close friends Suzanne Khan and Surily Goel attending the wedding.


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