Activists demand removal of Manu idol from Raj HC premises


A group of activists, including some advocates, today announced launching of an anti-Manu campaign and demanded removal of Manu idol installed in the premises of Rajasthan High Court.

“The Manusmriti has anti-women and anti-Dalit verses.

Manu idol
Photo: Indian Express

With such scriptures, discrimination against women and Dalits cannot be eradicated. Hence, the decision to launch a campaign against Manusmirti was taken,” advocate Premkrishna Sharma said.

The anti-Manu campaign was announced in a meeting of activists here, which was attended by Dalit activists.

The activists demanded that the idol of Manu installed in the High Court premises be removed. It was decided that a delegation would meet the Chief Justice of the High Court with this demand, Sharma said.

Manusmriti is an ancient legal text.


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