RSS publicity chief’s ‘anti-reservation’ comments termed big own-goal ahead of assembly polls


RSS publicity chief, Manmohan Vaidya’s comments allegedly criticising the reservation policy has caused a big controversy.

AAP today came out strongly against Vaidya’s remark favouring a review of the reservation policy and said it won’t allow the “anti-dalit” BJP and RSS suceed in their “nefarious designs”.

Manmohan Vaidya

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was quick to latch on the controversial remark, which could potentially help the party in Punjab, a state with over 30 per cent of dalit population.

“The RSS/BJP/Akalis are anti-Dalits. We will not allow their nefarious designs to succeed,” he tweeted.

“The statement by RSS functionary is shameful. This is not the first example of RSS and the BJP being anti-dalit.

There is no proof required after state-sponsored murder of (Dalit scholar) Rohith Vemula (who committed suicide). We condemn this,” AAP’s national spokesperson Dilip Pandey said, adding that such remarks also came up before the Bihar polls.

RSS’s publicity chief Manmohan Vaidya today kicked up a row with remarks favouring a review of the reservation policy, saying even the architect of the Constitution B R Ambedkar had not favoured its continuance in perpetuity.

“Reservations for SC/ST was introduced in a different context. It was provided for in the Constitution to remedy the historical injustice done to them. It was our responsibility.

“So, reservation for them has been there since the inception (of the Constitution). But, even Ambedkar has said its continuance in perpetuity is not good. There should be a time limit to it,” Vaidya told an interactive session at Jaipur Literature Festival.

Faced with outrage over his comments, he soon clarified claiming that they were misreported.

He told ANI, “On religious reservation I said it has no historical background and may encourage separatism,instead education must be promoted.”

His comment, nonetheless, caused considerable social media reactions with many concluding that the RSS leader had scored a spectacular own-goal particularly ahead of crucial assembly polls.

Similar comments by the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat ahead of Bihar assembly elections in 2015 had cost the BJP dearly as that played a key role in pushing Dalits away from the saffron party.

Fearing potential damage to BJP’s electoral prospects, Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed his detractors for causing confusion about his party’s stand on reservation policy ahead of elections.

Here are some Twitter reactions;

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