Mani Shankar Aiyar hailed as ‘boss’ after he tells reporter from ‘anti-national’ channel to ‘get out’


A video of Mani Shankar Aiyar telling reporters from the newly launched Republic TV to get out has gone viral on social media. The veteran Congress leader is now being hailed as a ‘Boss’ on the microblogging site, Twitter, particularly by his supporters.

mani shankar aiyar republic tv

The incident reportedly happened on Thursday as the outspoken politician called on Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra and discussed the prevailing situation in Kashmir.

In the video, not one but two reporters are seen insisting for a reaction from Aiyar questioning why he had chosen to meet Hurriyat leaders.

The reporter asks, “Is it on behalf of the Congress party?”

Aiyar responds by saying, “I don’t talk to anti-national channel.”

The reporter persists, “But the separatists have been instigating riots in the Kashmir. What do you have to say?”

Pat cam the response, “I don’t talk to anti-national channel.”

The reporter, now joined by his female colleague, who doesn’t like Aiyar calling Republic TV ‘anti-national channel, also tries to corner the politician.

This irks Aiyar, who then asks them get out saying, “I don’t talk to anti-national channel.”

The members of the delegation, had met leaders of various segments of the society including the separatists before meeting the governor.

The delegation had earlier met separatist leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

Apart from Aiyar, the delegation included Air Vice Marshal (retired) Kapil Kak, O P Sharma, chairman of the Centre for Peace and Progress, and journalist Vinod Sharma.

The governor, an appointee of the central government, appreciated the initiatives of the Centre for Peace and Progress and thanked the delegation for their valuable contribution towards the restoration of normalcy in the state, the spokesman said.

News channels such as Times Now and Republic have long been accused of carrying out propaganda of the RSS and the BJP. These two channels had condemned the delegation’s attempts to seek normalcy in Kashmir, where the situation has turned worst in 30 years.

Times Now, in particular, had even run a Twitter trend, #ConclavesOfCowards in protest to the peace delegation’s initiatives.

Twitter users, mostly Congress supporters, praised Aiyar for his ‘insult’ to the Republic TV, which has an NDA MP as one of its financiers. Aiyar was also branded as a real Boss.

Here are some of the reactions:


  1. You are putting a bunch of shameless opinion
    Republic tv is the only good news channel
    JKR is also a anti national for hailing Iyer
    Shame on your jouranalism

  2. Monisha Bakr Iyer is a rejected, regressive, bad mouthed, characterless politician kept at a distance because of his intolerant abusive character by even his party congress. He is a coward who sat with few Pakistani Leaders in Pakistan and abused his country’s PM in front of them but they were decent enough not to enjoy his uncultured diatribe against Modi. Can a man stoop to further level than this? And now for some secret mission entrusted to him by elements known to him alone, he has made a gang and went and met the most hated Anti India pro Pakistani separatist who in camera admitted that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and also that they have been receiving crores from Pakistan to attack Indian Armt and make chaos and burn schools in Kashmir along with Terrorists. Today we are suspicious of Aiyer and his motives and particularly WHOSE work he is doing now which he think he can camaflague arguing that it is a peace move? Lot of suspicion in the minds of citizens like us whose security at stake. Indian Investigations must get deep into the issue and ensure that national security for which govt is having a strategy in Kashmir is not subotaged by this irresponsible unpredictacle character.

  3. Aiyar is the anti-national along with his party speaking to anti-national hurriyat leaders who is working with Porkistan. Aiyer himself went to porkistan asking for help to throw Modi out of power and narrowminded party members who does not understand these blindly supports these crooks.


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