Man says he murdered four minor girls on tantrik’s advice to cure wife’s ‘mental illness’


A man in Agra has revealed he raped and murdered four minor girls on the advise of a tantrik in the course of five years, all to cure his wife’s purported ‘mental illness’.

The police had registered a case against the accused Sonu three previous times but this is the first time they have arrested him. After taking him in custody, police discovered that he was planning to kill three more minor girls as the tantrik advised him to kill seven in all.

One of Sonu’s victims, whose head was found smashed by a stone, was only four years old.

Sonu is alleged to be a friend of Lalua Balmiki, who had been lynched to death by an angry mob after being accused of the rape and murder of a 12-year old girl. The accused told police that he had been helped by Balmiki in committing the gruesome acts.

The incident comes only days following a 25-year old woman in Firozabad being burnt with hot tongs after being taken to a tantrik by her in-laws in order to exorcise her of ‘evil spirits’.

Earlier this month, it was also reported that hospital workers, who assist doctors in post-mortems in Meerut, were seen removing organs from human bodies and selling them to tantriks.

As of now, only Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Maharashtra have laws to deal with crimes related to black magic or exorcisms.

(UP Police photo only for representational purposes)




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