Man arrested for getting Aadhaar Card made for his dog


A man who got an Aadhaar card made for his dog recently has now been arrested in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district.

The card even has a photo of the dog with the name Tommy Singh and mentions its date of birth as November 26, 2009. Tommy Singh’s father’s name is mentioned as Sheru Singh.

Local police are questioning Azam Khan, an officer at an Aadhaar enrolment agency in Umri, to enquire whether he had earlier helped make such cards for unauthorised people or animals.

Ironically, the case came to light only when a resident of Umri complained to police of how some people were finding it difficult to get Aadhaar cards from Khan’s agency. It turned out that the agency was issuing cards to dogs and other animals. After recovering the card issued to the dog, police went ahead and arrested Khan.

Umri’s Town Inspector RS Tomar revealed Khan had also been charged with forgery.





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