Man alleges humiliation by Yogi in Janta Darbar, video goes viral


A businessman from Uttar Pradesh has alleged that the state’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, had publicly humiliated him when he went to meet him with his grievances at the latter’s Janta Darbar.

Janta Darbar

The video of the businessman breaking down in public while speaking to media has gone viral. In the video, the businessman, identified as Ayush Singhal, is seen alleging that Amanmani Tripathi, an independent MLA in UP assembly, had forcibly taken illegal possession of his huge swathe of land.

He says, “I am from Lucknow. Amanmani Tripathi has illegally occupied my land, I went to meet Maharaj ji (Adityanath). He pushed me out and threw papers at me saying ‘there will never been any action in your case.’ Now you tell me, what’s my fault? It’s Amanmani Tripathi, who threatens to kill us. His men pelt stones on our house. He gives vote to Maharaj ji. What’s my fault?”

He said that Tripathi had illegally usurped over 22 acres of land, owned by Singhal. The businessman said that he had been seeking justice from the state’s BJP government since Aditynath was sworn in as chief minister last year.

Tripathi, an independent MLA from Nautanwa, is accused of having murdered his wife Sara. His father Amarmani Tripathi too is serving jail sentence for murdering poet Madhumita, with whom he had an extramarital relationship.

Meanwhile, Gorakhpur District Magistrate K. Vijayendra Pandian told ANI that the chief minister had asked Singhal to come after filling an application as he had come without proper papers.

“Some complainants were coming without proper papers and chief minister was asking them to get it filled. Aayush also came empty-handed and chief minister asked him to come after filling the application. His complaint was a matter of partition of a joint land,” Pandian was quoted by ANI.


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