Mamata Banerjee’s open challenge to Narendra Modi: Prove your allegations on coal mafia or hold your ears and do a hundred sit ups before public


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for linking her party, the Trinamool Congress, to coal mafia. She dared Modi to prove his allegations or hold his ears and do a hundred sit ups before the public.

ममता बनर्जी

“I challenge you (PM Modi) if you can prove your allegations that one of us is part of coal mafia, I will withdraw all my 42 candidates. If you are lying, you have to hold your ears and do a 100 sit ups before public,” news agency ANI quoted her as saying.

Banerjee, according to Hindustan Times, said that coal was administered by the Centre and it was guarded by the CISF.  “BJP men are the agents. How can TMC men be coal mafia? You have to explain,” she added.

Both Modi and Banerjee had addressed election rallies in Bankura and Purulia. Modi had accused the Trinamool Congress of being linked to coal mafia at both his election rallies.

Speaking at a rally in Bankura, Modi had accused Banerjee of having threatened to slap him, adding that a slap by an ‘elder sister’ will be a blessing for him.

Responding to Modi’s allegations, Banerjee said that by ‘slap of democracy,’ she was referring to people’s power through votes. “He (Modi) is saying that I have said I will slap him. Arrey that’s the slap of democracy. Try to understand the language,” Banerjee was quoted by PTI.

She added, “Why should I be slapping you (the PM). I am not that kind of a person. What I understand is democracy. Slap of democracy means that the mandate people will give by casting their votes.”

Speaking in Bengal, Modi had accused Banerjee of ruining Bengal by making ‘mafias part of the government.’


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