Video of Mamata Banerjee dropping Shah Rukh Khan to airport goes viral


A video of West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee travelling in a small Santro car to drop superstar Shah Rukh Khan to the airport has gone viral on social media platforms.
Mamata Banerjee

In the video, a convoy of cars is seen arriving at the Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport. The convoy is unusually being led by the smallest vehicle in the cavalcade.

People present at the airport clearly sense the arrival of someone important. However, when the cars stop, not one but two important person alight of the Santro car. Banerjee had travelled while sitting in the front seat, while the King Khan sat behind.

Banerjee is seen instructing officials to make sure Shah Rukh catch his flight on time. One reportes is then heard asking Shah Rukh about his experience of travelling in ‘such a small car.’

(In our earlier version, the report had wrongly described the make of the car as Wagon R. The car in which Mamata and SRK travelled was in fact Santro.)


  1. Seems Mamata di has roped-in the Khan to become a brand ambassador for West Bengal Tourism. Otherwise, such kindness from a CM to an actor is not warranted.


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