Majority agree corruption has come down in Delhi in Kejriwal government: Online Poll


Most people think that corruption has come down since Aam Aadmi Party formed the government in Delhi, according to an online poll conducted by

The poll which attracted responses from 1226 online users said that more than 53 % people agreed with the CMS poll, which had reported a significant reduction in corruption under Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.


43.9 % respondents disagreed with the CMS’ conclusion and voted in negative, while 2.4 % people said they had no opinion on this question.

Given that most of the online pollsters have used a sample size of just few thousand interviews to predict the assembly and national elections, the response from over 1200 people makes this poll very credible.

The poll was active for less than 48 hours. While the early trend had shown a huge voting in favour of ‘Yes’ the sentiment changed considerable on the second day of us launching this poll.

What had prompted us to launch this online poll was the following tweets by Kejriwal on Tuesday, when quoting a CMS poll, he had said that the corruption under his government had come down significantly.

Here are his three tweets posted on Tuesday morning;

Kejriwal had used these tweets to renew his demands for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hand over the control of Delhi Police, which according to him, had failed to check the unprecedented rise in crime particularly against women and female children.



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