Why there is a spurt in cow vigilantism ? Shiv Sena asks PM


In a sarcastic take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s denunciation of cow vigilantes, ally Shiv Sena on Monday asked Modi to spell out the reasons for the “rise” of such elements in the last two years, while cautioning him that he may have to face the wrath of Hindutva supporters.

“We will not be surprised if the Prime Minister has to face the wrath of the believers of Hindutva for his comments on cow vigilantes. Our question to Modi is, why is that such people, who in the name of cow protection carry out illegal activities, cropped up in the last two years,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said.

“The voice of the cow vigilantes was so weak during the Congress rule that there was no way by which it could be heard by those in power and a law banning beef could be put in place (in Maharashtra),” it said.

“Among the organisations supporting the BJP were many which stood for protection… Does the government now think that these organisations are doing illegal businesses as well?” the Sena sought to know.

It said it was “surprising” that violence was taking place in the name of cow protection in a land where aged parents are sent to old age homes, girl child is killed in the womb of mothers and newborns are thrown in dustbin to get rid of responsibility of rearing them up.

In an emotional appeal, Modi had yesterday asked perpetrators of the violence on Dalits to attack him if they wanted to, but to stop attacking his Dalit “brethren”.

He had also lashed out at “fake cow protectors”, denouncing them for trying to create “tension and conflict” in the society and asking the states to take stringent action against them.


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