Plot from Bollywood thriller recreated as doctors transport heart 323 km in 94 minutes to transplant into 4-year-old girl


Remember Traffic, the 2016 Bollywood thriller starring Manoj Bajpayee and Jimmy Shergill? The central theme of the movie had a Bollywood superstar, Dev Kapoor, whose ailing daughter desperately needed an urgent heart transplant in Pune. Faraway in Mumbai, a trainee journalist Rehan is met with a road accident as he set out to record his first big interview with the same actor, whose daughter needs heart transplant.

heart transplant

Rehan meets with an accident and is declared clinically dead. After little persuasion Rehan’s parents agree to donate his heart to Kapoor’s daughter. However, this must be transported to Pune in time for the heart to remain in a state of functioning.

Joint Traffic Commissioner Jimmy Shergill accepts the challenge. Disgraced traffic constable Manoj Bajpayee, who desperately looking to redeem his tainted image as a corrupt cop, agrees to volunteer to transport the heart from Mumbai to Pune in record 150 minutes.

This is precisely what doctors in Maharashtra did on Saturday as a live heart was transported from Aurangabad to Mumbai, a distance of 323.5 kilometres, in one hour and thirty-four minutes and before it being successfully transplanted into a 4-year-old girl.

Quoting a statement from Fortis Hospital in suburban Mulund, where the transplant took place, news agency PTI reported that said that the operation was successful and the girl, a resident of Jalna, was under observation.

The report further said that the live heart of a 13-year-old boy, who died in a road accident, was retrieved in Aurangabad’s MGM Hospital on Friday from where it left for Aurangabad Airport at 1.50 pm.

It reached the airport at 1.54pm covering the 4.8 kilometres distance in 4 minutes thanks to a green corridor set in place there, the hospital said. A chartered flight brought the heart to Mumbai Airport at 3.05pm from where it was rushed, via a green corridor, to Fortis Hospital, 18 kilometres away, in 19 minutes.

“The heart reached Fortis at 3.24pm, one hour and thirty-four minutes after it was retrieved in Aurangabad. The distance covered stood at 323.5 kilometres,” Fortis officials said on Saturday.


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