Mumbai: Woman tries to tell car owners involved in accident to move, ends up with 7 stitches


In a case of extreme road rage in Andheri, a 25-year-old woman was allegedly assaulted by two women and abused by two men in another automobile for asking the two vehicle owners to move aside and let the traffic resume.

While on her way from Bandra to Andheri to pick up her son from school, the victim Almas Huna (25) saw that two cars had collided with each other, throwing traffic off-gear.

She then approached the group in one car and asked them to move their vehicle and resolve the issue.

However, the two men in the car started abusing her. When Almas protested, the two women from the automobile too got out and abused her.

As the argument worsened, a female passenger from the car attacked Almas with a key, thereby severely injuring her ear.

The accused later fled the spot in their car. Almas went to the MIDC police station to register a complaint. Cops at the station took her to a hospital where she received seven stitches on her ear.

An FIR has been registered against the four accused.

“I had gone to Bandra to visit my tailor, and while returning, when I reached Marol, I saw two car owners fighting due to which the traffic had halted. I was in a hurry, as I wanted to pick up my son near my house as the school bus drops him at 6.30 pm,” Almas told mid-day.

“I parked my scooter and approached them and requested them to park their car aside, but they started abusing me. I got scared, but as my son would come at any time, I showed some courage and told them not to abuse me and resolve the issue at the corner of the road,” she added.

“Two women came out of the car and started abusing me. I did not think that they would harm me, so I told them not to abuse, which angered them and they started to manhandle me. A woman from the group attacked me with a key, which injured my ear,” she said.

(Picture Courtesy: Mid-Day)


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