Digvijay Singh asks, why was Dr Zakir Naik honoured by J&K governor during BJP-led NDA rule in 2003?


Veteran Congress leader, Digvijay Singh has hit out at the BJP for its perceived hypocrisy on the Islamic scholar, Dr Zakir Naik.

Singh, who was recently criticised by a section of media for sharing stage with Naik in the past, took to Twitter asking why the Islamic scholar was honoured by the then Jammu and Kashmir governor under the BJP-led NDA rule in 2003.


He tweeted, “During NDA regime in September 2003 Dr Zakir Naik was honoured by Gen SK Sinha then Governor J&K in Srinagar Raj Bhawan. Any comments pl?”

A section of India media has been launching a campaign against Naik accusing him of spreading hatred and promoting terrorism. Their campaign has been based on a newspaper report by Dhaka-based newspaper, The Daily Star.

The Daily Star has since then performed a U-turn and expressed regrets for its inaccurate reporting. But the campaign by a selective group of channels against Naik hasn’t stopped, prompting many to question the motive behind the glaringly biased coverage.

Meanwhile, the world’s second largest Islamic seminary, Darul Uloom Deoband, has told ABP News that the Indian media was wrong to accuse Naik of spreading extremism.

The seminary’s vice-rector, Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi, said, “We may have our ideological differences with Dr Zakir Naik but we don’t think he ever preached extremism.

Deoband has in the past also slammed Indian media for wrongly quoting its fatwa to suit its agenda against Naik.



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