Maharashtra CM’s wife receives miraculously produced gold chain from baba


The ‘magical gold chain’ received by the wife of Mahasrashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has become hugely controversial particularly on social media.

Rationalists are criticising Amruta Fadnavis for promoting superstitions in society.

Amruta was attending a function in Pune, where Swami Guruvanand was the chief guest on Sunday.

As part of the function, the baba was expected to honour the chief minister’s wife. While Amruta bowed to seek baba’s blessings, the godman ‘miraculously’ produced a gold chain, which he gifted to the chief minister’s wife.

Faced with widespread criticism, Amruta has issued clarification.

She said, “The chain was already there in baba’s hand. He called me for blessings after my speech. When I went to him, he handed over the chain to me. He’s like my grandfather, so there’s nothing wrong being blessed by him.”

This development has drawn widespread criticism because Mahrashtra is one of the few states, where there’s a law in place against black magic and superstition.

Social media users have wasted no time in expressing their outrage against Amruta Fadnavis.

Avinash Patil, president of the Committee for Eradication of Superstition in Maharashtra, said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis should “issue a clarification on the incident. If needed, he should tender an apology.”

According to NDTV, the rationalist also said, “We are willing to offer a Rs. 21 lakh prize to the godman if he is able to perform his ‘miracle’ in controlled conditions.”


  1. Why doesnt the baba offer the same to the poor on the streets, these fraudsters only care for the rich and famous as they run their businesses with the easy donations , there is no miracle in it , we have seen it with so many fraudster babas like satya sai baba , likes of Asaram before , yet get fooled , the morons who follow them are to be squarely blamed for their idiocity. The CM is as stupid as his wife, blindly promoting superstition.


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