Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer heaps more embarrassment on ECI with desperate clarification on links with BJP IT Cell man during last assembly polls


Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer has sensationally denied assigning social media access to BJP IT Cell man ahead of the state assembly elections last year. However, the CEO has exposed the Election Commission of India further with its desperate clarification. The Maharashtra CEO’s clarification came in a series of tweets hours after news agency PTI reported that claiming that the former had submitted an interim report to the ECI.

Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer

In a series of tweets, the Maharashtra CEO wrote, “It is categorically denied that this office has sent report to ECI saying Any political party related IT company was appointed for social media campaign. This is totally false and misleading.”

The CEO went on to deny the allegation of assigning election-related work to ‘any IT Cell of a political party or M/s Socialcentral Solutions.

However, the CEO’s clarification was debunked by BJP IT Cell man, Devang Dave, who took to Twitter to claim that the ECI had appreciated his work. Not only did he confess to receiving the election-related work of the Election Commission, but he also flaunted the success of his performance.

Dave wrote, “We do not earn our bread and butter by doing any kind of “Dalali” but by Hardwork. The work assigned by Election Commission to Signpost was after following due process.There is no illegality whatsoever. Is it also forbidden for political activists to make an honest living?”

Dave added, “ECI and the Industry has also appreciated the work done. Am I Not allowed professional engagements just because I support an ideology, a certain people doesn’t agree with? Or is targeting people based on their ideological leanings the new thing to vent out frustration?”

So, while the Maharashtra CEO denies assigning election-related work to anyone associated to any political ideology, Dave, a known member of the BJP, has flaunted receiving the contract from the ECI.

Last week, Gokhale had posted a series of tweets to reveal the hidden relationship between India’s election commission and the BJP IT Cell ahead of the last year’s Maharashtra elections. Faced with widespread condemnation, the national poll body had sought a detailed report on the stunning revelation.

The former chief minister of Maharashtra and senior Congress leader, Prithviraj Chavan, too had demanded a thorough probe by the ECI.


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