Madras High Court recalls controversial order on ‘directing settlement’ between rapist and victim


The Madras High Court has recalled a controversial order that granted bail for a rapist so he could meet his victim for a possible settlement. The ruling comes days after the Supreme Court attacked the high court’s attitude, describing it as “a spectacular error” which is “against the dignity of women.”

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The man who raped the teenager in 2002 when she was 15 has now been told to surrender. Last month, Justice Devadass said that the man could leave jail for a mediation session with the victim. He noted that in a similar case where he had made a similar intervention, ‘a happy conclusion’ was reached after the ‘rapist’ agreed to marry his victim.

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In this particular case, the court said that the rape survivor, who became pregnant and gave birth to a baby daughter, was “nobody’s wife… an unwed mother,” suggesting it would be in her best interest to marry the rapist.

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However, the woman had told reporters that she had absolutely no interest in any sort of mediation.



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