Their ‘trial was about to conclude, everything was turning in their favour’


In a fresh twist to the gruesome killings of alleged SIMI undertrials by Madhya Pradesh police, the defence lawyer has now made a sensational disclosure alleging a huge conspiracy behind Monday’s encounter.

Speaking to SouthLive website, Thahavur Khan said, “The trial was about to finish. I have visited the jail several times. It is highly guarded. One cannot escape easily from there. The trial was going on and there are only 18 to 20 witnesses remaining. Being their lawyer, I can say that there was no ample evidence against them, factually or legally. There is no reason for them to break the jail. The court judgement was expected to come out in weeks, most probably in their favour.”


Khan rejected the claims of jailbreak by Madhya Pradesh cops adding that his clients had no reason to resort to such action after knowing that they were going to be acquitted.

He said, “Even the security is tight in the jail. I had been there number of times. It is one of the safest and secure jail in India. These people used to stay in the under trial wards. There is seven layer security. The police are talking rubbish things like they crossed over and killed etc. Why they would such a thing when they know that they are going to be acquitted”

He added, “Those men were saying they have total faith in the judiciary. It was very shocking for me when I heard about the jailbreak and the subsequent encounter. I told their family that there is something fishy in this and there is a lie. There is a huge conspiracy behind it.”

Eight alleged members of SIMI were gunned down by cops in Madhya Pradesh on Monday after the local police claimed that they had escaped the jail by allegedly killing a guard.

The video of their murder went viral on social media platforms raising several uncomfortable questions for the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh.


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