Muslim man breaks boundaries and performs last rites of his Hindu friend


Rising above religious boundaries, a Muslim man has performed last rites of his Hindu friend Santosh Singh Thakur in Madhya Pradesh’s Baitul district.

After arranging all the necessary items required for the last rites, Abdul Razzak cremated Santosh’s body in accordance with the Hindu rituals.

Santosh collapsed in a hospital after prolonged illness on 20 September.

The labourer and his wife Chhayabai were childless and they also had no relatives around. So, Razzaq, his friend, stepped forward to conduct the rituals.

Razzaq, who plies an auto-rickshaw, said his friendship was not based on a religious plank and that ” I performed my duties as a friend.”


  1. God bless Mr Abdul Razzak.and his beloved ones .To perform the last rites of a person according to his religion and customs especially the one who has none to do it is a very noble act and it definitely pleases God..

  2. As i have always propagated that FRIENDSHIP has proved many times that It is a quite a notch HIGHER than religion’s bond. This incident must be welcomed & given a due coverage.


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