MP High Court rejects CBI probe into Vyapam even as autopsy report confirms Namrata Damor was murdered


Only a day after Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan requested the High Court to order a CBI probe into the Vyapam scam, the high court has rejected the request, saying it will not take the request until the Supreme Court weighs into the matter.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear four petitions demanding a CBI probe into the scam.

This even as an earlier autopsy report that emerged today has confirmed murder in the case of Namrata Damor, who was found dead near railway tracks at Kayta village in Ujjain on 7 January, 2012. She too was in the list of suspects who cleared PMT-2010 using unfair means. NDTV tweeted a copy of the autopsy report this morning. had earlier listed various other deaths in the Vyapam scam which were all interestingly termed ‘natural’ by the police. Damor was one of them.

According to an earlier report in Times of India, a team of three doctors who conducted autopsy on her body said she was smothered to death and reported semen on her clothes. Director of state medico legal institute Dr D S Badkur, however, contradicted their finding claiming she committed suicide by jumping off the train. According to them, the 25 year old girl’s involvement in Vyapam was only and purely coincidence.

autopsyThe list of coincidences, however, doesn’t end here. Last person Akshay had met before losing his life was Namrata’s father Mehtab Singh Damor. Mehtab had told media that Akshay and two others visited their house on Saturday afternoon. After the interview was over, someone was sent to get some papers photocopied.

As Akshay was waiting outside Damor’s house, suddenly he started frothing at the mouth. He was rushed to civil hospital and later to a private hospital, but doctors failed to revive him.

The best reason for all these mysterious deaths came from our learned home minister of Madhya Pradesh Babulal Gaur.  He said, “Death is natural… be it in jail or on rail (train), one who is born will die.”



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