Jungle Raj! Khaki shorts wearing mob brutally thrash Lokayukta Judge in Madhya Pradesh


In a shocking reminder of jungle raj in Madhya Pradesh, a senior judge was beaten mercilessly a mob after his car injured a young boy.

The disturbing video of an elderly person with considerably high reputation in the state being humiliated in public has gone viral on social media platforms.

The incident reportedly took place on 23 July in Santhod village in the Mandsaur district of the BJP-ruled state.

mp judge

In the video, judge Rajvardhan Gupta can be seen brutally thrashed with criminals having absolutely no fear of reprisals by law enforcing agencies.

This has come as yet another chilling reminder of how law and order in Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh has completely collapsed.

The incident comes barely days after two Muslim women brutally assaulted for carrying buffalo meet as Shivraj’s cops looked on.

The video once posted on Facebook by the owner of Subramanian Swamy’s parody account, has already been viewed by nearly 23,000 people and shared more than 500 times. (Video is extremely graphic in nature. Viewers’ discretion is advised)

The Facebook users have been sharing their shock and anger in utter disbelief.

Here are some reactions.

Ashwin Kumar: Did I see chaddi in this video?!?! oh My Godse :o!!!!

Riyaz Ahmed: Khan When Lynch can be legal in the name of cow then everything is legal to beat anyone irrespective of gender and age. #RIP_Peace

Niloy Dey: India under Narendra Modi rule….Well Done Modi ji…..u brought us some real change…was this ur vision of India??….

Shailesh Singh: Kushwaha Well they call Bihar as jungle raj because had this guy was involved in the road accident without his fault even, he would have been lynched by now. But I don’t understand why you highlighted this news, because he was judge or because MP has BJP govt. ?

Humera Sayyed: Utter shameful act..highly disturbing..it’s not the case of MP, Bihar or dadri …its defaming the name of country and top of all…gvt and it’s highly rational leaders turn to be silent spectators on spreading the gundaraj.

Malay Maji: Modi brought us the real change in bharat. I hope in next election bharatiyas will not cast vote foolishly and the present ruling party will pay the price …

Zafar Khan: In this country you have government which showed dreams of development, best hunan life of the world, they showed poverty will be only in studies in the books of future kids……


  1. this news headlines is not right..its the same as what other paid medias do .the khaki mentioned in this news is just one wearing shorts..thats the truth…but this type of journalism is not expcted from JKR

  2. In BJP ruled States even Judges are not safe,let alone poor Dalits.Only voters can teach this anti-people Govt. a lesson in the net election.

  3. Why is it that the people of Gujarat , Rajasthan , MP , Haryana and other BJP ruled states do not view such incidents with shock and disgust ?

    Have they become immune to terror unless it originates from Muslims ?


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