Madhu Kishwar makes lewd remarks on Rahul Gandhi and Divya Spandana, users say ‘shame on you’


Madhu Kishwar, a known supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday made lewd remarks on Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his social media chief, Divya Spandana, also known as Ramya.

Divya Spandana

Sharing a video link of Republic TV, Kishwar wrote, “RAHUL-MALLYA LINK OUT: SPANDANA WAS RCB AMBASSADOR. And we know the kind of women found favour with Mallya. No wonder she rose so high so fast in Congress. Rahul Baba proves his taste is as immaculate as Mallya’s #REPUBLIC.”

Karnataka Pradesh Mahila Congress reacted angrily saying that women like Kishwar were ‘detrimental to the growth of women.’ Its official Twitter handle tweeted, “Women like @madhukishwar are the ones who are detrimental to the growth of women . At a such a critical time in India when women are fighting for their rights this woman spews filth like this . Shows how threatened she feels by @divyaspandana’ s work.”

Kishwar’s tweet evoked angry reactions from other users too as women rights activists and members of Congress party began to incessantly troll her. One user wrote, “Shame on you @madhukishwar … Imagine others writing – we know the kind of women found favour with Modi. No wonder she rose so high.”

Divya’s appointment as the Congress social media chief has seen a considerable improvement in her party’s dominance on social media. Her appointment also coincided with exceptional growth in followers of Gandhi on the microblogging site Twitter. On several occasions, Gandhi’s tweets have forced several ministers of Modi’s cabinet to address emergency press conference.

Republic TV had recently carried a special broadcast attacking the actor-turned-politician for her previous role as a brand ambassador of Vijay Mallya’s IPL team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. Bollywood actors Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone too were other brand ambassadors along with Puneer Rajkumar of Mallya’s IPL team.

Reacting to Republic TV, which was co-founded by BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Divya had tweeted, “I was brand ambassador for RCB along with Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Puneet Rajkumar from 2010-2012. So what? And Puhleeze! In all modesty, I can afford to sponsor my holidays. I can also sponsor your next holiday Arnab, when BJP stops doing it for you .”

Poet Kumar Vishwas too had slammed the channel for its attack against the Congress social media head. He had written, “Oh cartoon channel and global judge, I too travelled on Kingfisher Airline (owned by Mallya) hundreds of times. Which river do I have to take holy dips in to purify myself from the sins? Please ask your Twitter-eater, uncivilised trolls to now declare me an anti-national.”

This is how other social media users reacted;

Later, responding to a Twitter user, Kishwar clarified, “Don’t put words in my mouth. I did not use the words “slept her way” for Divya @divyaspandana or any one else.”


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