We had made all security arrangements as per practice: Delhi Police


Delhi police has denied claims by Aam Aadmi Party leaders that there was no adequate security provided the city cops for the rally attended by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday.

Delhi police’s PRO, Rajan Bhagat told ANI, ” We had made all security arrangements at the level as per the practice. One armed company was deployed besides local police, personal security was provided to Delhi CM.”

Bhagat rubbished the allegations of conspiracy against Delhi Police calling them unfounded. He said that Delhi police had registered a case against the woman attacker identified as Bhavna Arora and ‘every aspect of the case will be looked into.’

A woman claiming to be a member of AAP’s rival group Aam Aadmi Sena had walked to the close proximity of Kejriwal and succeeded in throwing ink on him without facing much resistance from the police at the venue.

Several AAP leaders including the deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia had blamed poor security arrangements for this attack.

Sisodia had said that such lapses in security for a CM had the potential to endanger the life of AAP convener.

AAP supporters had taken to microblogging site twitter to express their outrage against what they said was incompetent Delhi police.



  1. Incompetent and shameless Delhi police
    Arvind kejriwal is a lion,don’t sacred of psycho path modi and his police. People of Delhi with kejriwal. Long live CM of common men

    • CM of Common men or comedian CM?
      Blaming center for everything. If he is really a lion, why politicize every bad thing that happens to him, instead he should keep doing good work…..I do support him but off late finding him annoying for bad mouth against center for everything. Though politics at some level is good, but at least respect PM of country till you find concrete evidence against him of doing wrong or looting nation….
      And you too at least learn respecting constitutional post….


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