Luring Kashmiri girl to hotel case: Major Leetul Gogoi found guilty, army orders disciplinary action


The Indian Army’s Court of Inquiry (CoI) on Monday found Major Leetul Gogoi guilty in case related to his presence in a Srinagar hotel with a Kashmiri girl earlier this year.

Major Leetul Gogoi

While ordering a disciplinary action against the controversial army officer, the CoI held Gogoi accountable for “fraternising with locals inspite of instructions to the contrary and for being away from the place of duty while in operational area.”

A report by Indian Express said that after the Corps Commander’s approval of CoI’s findings, Army authorities will frame charges against the officer citing relevant provisions of the Army Act. They can then decide to either punish the officer or convene a court-martial to try the officer.

He was accused of luring a Kashmiri girl into visiting him inside the hotel in May this year. Gogoi, who had tied a man to a jeep in Kashmir purportedly as a shield against stone pelters, was caught allegedly with a woman from a hotel in Sringar.

Local correspondents then said that police had caught Major Gogoi in ‘compromising position’ from Mamata Hotel in Sringar. “Major Gogoi is being detained as the questioning is underway. Cops are trying to ascertain the identity of the woman and another man accompanying them,” one local source had said on the condition of anonymity.

Although he denied allegations, the mother of Kashmiri girl, who Major Gogoi had lured into visiting inside a hotel in Srinagar, had sensationally revealed that the controversial army officer had once barged inside her house very late at night.

“I was terrified when an army officer barged into our house during night hours for the first time and started enquiring about our well-being, I soon fainted,” Naseema was quoted by a Kashmiri website.

Naseema, a resident of Check-e-Kawoosa village of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district also told reporters that she had gone into hiding along with her family on Thursday afternoon after police detained Major Gogoi along with her daughter from Mamata hotel in Srinagar.

“I have three little children while my only daughter is just 17. It was in March when one night suddenly Army Major Gogai along with the local Sameer Malla, who also is working for the Army entered into our tin shed. I was scared and fainted. Army Major had enquired about our well-being and left the place,” Naseema said.

Army Chief Bipin Rawat had said that an exemplary punishment would be given to Major Leetul Gogoi if he was found guilty of “any offence.” During his visit to Srinagar, Gen Rawat had said, “If anyone in the Indian Army, at any rank, does any wrong and it comes to our notice, then strictest action will be taken. If Major Gogoi has done something wrong then I can say that he will be given due punishment and the punishment will be such that it will set an example.”


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