BH Loya’s uncle wants probe in CBI judge’s mysterious death, says Anuj Loya is too young


Judge BH Loya’s uncle has said that Anuj Loya was too young and may have been under pressure to hold the press conference on Sunday.Loya

Speaking to media on Sunday, Anuj Loya, son of the late special CBI judge, had said that his family did not suspect any foul in his father’s mysterious death in December 2014.

Shrinivas Loya told The Caravan magazine, “Now what should I say. Is he (Anuj) adult enough? He’s just cross 18. There might be pressure (on him.)”

The octogenarian paternal uncle of the late judge said that the lawyer Ameet Naik, who accompanied Anuj at the press conference, himself said that ‘the boy is young and there were pressures.’

He added, “If his (Anuj’s earlier) view is to be considered, it was to have an inquiry.” In a especially convened press conference, Anuj Loya had said, “Our family is pained with the chain of events in past few days. Please don’t harass us.”

ABP News had quoted him as saying, “I don’t have any suspicion and it’s clear. There was suspicion earlier during the emotional turmoil period but not now. I am no one to decide whether to carry out further probe or not.”

Judge Loya had died in December 2014 reportedly of cardiac arrest in Nagpur. He was presiding over a case related to the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin murder at the time of his death. BJP President Amit Shah was one of the key accused in the murder case.

However, Judge Loya’s sister in December last year had sensationally alleged that her brother may have been murdered. One of Judge Loya’s close batch-mates too had recalled how his friend was under immense pressure while hearing the case of Sohrabuddin murder.

The matter had come up for hearing in the Supreme Court on Friday last week but the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra has assigned the case to a bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra. This had reportedly irked the four senior most judges of the Supreme Court prompting them to take an extraordinary step and hold a news conference.

Noted lawyer Dushyant Dave on Sunday had alleged that Justice Arun Mishra had close links with the BJP.



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