Lockdown has failed, what’s the plan next?: Rahul Gandhi asks PM Modi as COVID-19 death toll rises to 4,167


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said that the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus had failed and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain what he planned to do next to fight the pandemic.

Rahul Gandhi

Addressing a virtual press conference, Congress MP from Waynad said, “Two months ago, the prime minister said that we were going to fight a 21-day war on corona. It was his expectation that we could defeat the COVID-19 virus in 21 days. Now we are on 60 days and we are the only country in the world where the virus is exponentially rising and we are moving the lockdown. So, it’s very clear that the aim and purpose of the lockdown had failed.”

Gandhi said that what India was facing now was the result of a ‘failed lockdown,’ adding that he and his party wanted to understand the government’s view ‘going forward.’

Gandhi also tweeted in Hindi, “While announcing the lockdown two months ago, the prime minister had said that we will win the battle against coronavirus in 21 days. It has been more than 60 days and the number of patients has been rising exponentially every day. The lockdown has not been able to defeat the virus. My question to the government is-what’s the plan next?”

Gandhi’s hard-hitting press conference came just hours after India recorded one of its sharpest single-day rises in the positive cases for coronavirus. The pan-India death toll due to COVID-19 now stands at 4,167, while the number of positive cases has alarmingly risen to 1,45,380 in the country.


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