Unidentified man allegedly opens fire at JNU student leader Umar Khalid


An unidentified man allegedly opened fire at JNU student Umar Khalid outside the Constitution Club of India on Monday, reported news agency ANI and several other media outlets. He’s reported to be unhurt.

Umar Khalid

The Delhi Police said that there was no incident of firing at constitution club adding that two suspects with pistols were seen in the vicinity and had been apprehended.

Umar told Quint website, “A person came to me with a gun, tried to overpower me, tried to shoot me down. Thankfully my friends were with me, who tried to overpower him and he ran away and tried to fire from across the road…I was very scared at that moment when he pointed his gun at me. At that moment I was reminded of Gauri Lankesh and I thought that moment had arrived.”

He added, “What has happened in the last is the last two years is the disinformation propaganda and hateful campaign by certain media houses and by troll army of the ruling party. Anyone who questions the policies of the government, they are branded anti nationals.


  • Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted, “Umar Khaled statement: there was an attempt to kill me.. a bullet was fired from across the road.. where does that leave claim that no gun was fired?”
  • Student activist Gurmehar Kaur wrote, “I want to say I’m shocked and surprised but I’m not. It was only time the online mob came out on the streets. And God forbid something happens tomorrow to someone the blood will be on our hands for not condemning the hatred enough.
  • Student activist and former JNU Students’ union vice president, Shehla Rashid, tweeted, “Shocking and highly condemnable: a guy attacked Umar Khalid from behind and tried to shoot him in Delhi. This is the direct result of hatred whipped up by Republic TV & other hate media. I spoke to Umar. He’s okay, but we should be very very worried about his safety.
  • Activist Teesta Setalvad tweetes, “Umar Khalid attached (sic). How many death threats? Govt Ignores these. No respect for young lives.”
  • Journalist Neha Dixit tweetes, ”

  • ANI quotes an eyewitness, “There was an event, Umar Khalid accompanied us. We were at a tea stall when a man in white shirt came,pushed&opened fire at him. Khalid lost his balance,fell down&bullet missed him. We tried to catch the man. He fired aerial shots,pistol slipped off his hands,he fled.”




  1. It appears to be fake! Why anyone with a gun try to overpower his enemy? and fire in the air. Even if it is true, he is justifying the same in Kashmir, he is crying foul when the same act against him! What a double standard anti national.


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