LGBT community to march against intolerance


The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community will turn out for the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk on December 13 against intolerance, organisers said on Monday.

Against the backdrop of the debate on intolerance, the 14th edition of the walk will advocate protection of freedom of expression and equal rights for all.

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Participants will march from College Square to Y Channel in the city demanding “strengthening of the fights, large and small, being waged across the nation for freedoms, equality, dignity and rights.”

“While a dialogue on gender rights (LGBT) movement has been initiated among masses, the nation overall, seems to have had taken a few steps back in terms of safety, personal liberty and minority rights,” the organisers said.

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Given the reported incidents of rapes, lynching, murders, public debates over reports of caste-based violence, growing incidents of intolerance and violence, the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk, oldest pride walk of India, “intends to make a political statement for equality, tolerance, love and solidarity.”

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According to Souvik, one of the members of the organising committee, the walk is for all the communities.

“It is not just about gender rights or sexual rights now. The march will advocate for equality for all: the disabled, women and children,” Souvik told IANS.


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