LG Jung warns Kejriwal: People of Punjab are watching you


Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, on Thursday made no inhibitions about his dislike for the city’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal when he slammed the latter accusing him of violating constitutional provisions.

The LG, who’s expected to remain an apolitical figure while holding a constitutional post, nearly launched an election campaign against Kejriwal in Punjab.

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He told Times Now, “I’m sure people of Punjab are watching and they will make intelligent decisions.”
LG Jung warns Kejriwal

This was in reference to a question on his message to people of Punjab after the High Court’s ruling delivering a blow to Delhi chief minister on the administrative powers of the LG.

Jung was scathing all through the interview and made it abundantly clear just how much he disliked Kejriwal.

He said, “I advised him (Kejriwal) many times. I told him to preserve the sanctity of constitutions.”

He alleged that Kejriwal had violated the provisions of constitutions on many occasions including when the AAP government fixed the circle rate.

He said, “On circle rate, files should have come to me. But they fixed it themselves.”

He then went on to slam the Kejriwal government for its decision to announce a commission of inquiry into the corruption of DDCA, which had Arun Jaitley as president for over a decade.

Jung added, “Delhi government doesn’t have authority to set up a commission of inquiry. I have nothing to do with the DDCA matter. But the entire process of setting up was a malafide act. Three officers were deputed to complete the inquiry in three days. Is it humanly possible? An inquiry takes a month’s time.”

When asked why he should not respect the fact that AAP government had won a historic mandate, Jung said that ‘elected business’ had been grossly exxagerated.

“With due respect to Mr Sisodia, he should read the order by the HC. This elected business has been grossly exaggerated. If 67 MLAs are elected from AAP, 7 MPs too have been elected from Delhi. There are three municipal bodies too that have elected representatives.”

He also criticised Kejriwal for calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a psychopath and coward. A visibly pained Jung said that it was wholly wrong for the Delhi CM to use such derogatory words for Modi particularly when he was on a foreign trip.

Jung’s extraordinary remarks criticising the chief minister he had administered an oath of office last year, came after the HC ruling which dealt a blow to Kejriwal on Thursday.

In a setback for Kejriwal government, Delhi High Court on Thursday ruled that the Lieutenant Governor was the administrative head of National Capital Territory.

Delhi High Court also dismissed petition filed by AAP govt challenging powers of the LG in the state.



  1. Jung is trying make a show as if the Delhi HC has discovered some thing new. The whole of India knows about the what the constitution says. As the governor in charge, instead of viewing the proposals of the AAP government on its merit and approving them, right in front of all the eyes of the people he is acting as an agent of BJP. Shame on him. Mother India would never forgive him.


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