Let’s immunise, save every child from diarrhea: Shabana Azmi


Actress Shabana Azmi has raised her voice for immunisation of children for diarrhea by the administration of rotavirus vaccine.

Shabana Azmi

The 66-year-old actress took to Twitter to spread awareness to tackle the water-borne disease.

“India loses one child every seven minutes due to #rotavirus #diarrhea. #RotavirusVaccine helps prevents this disease n save lives #GetImmunised,” wrote Azmi.

She continued by saying that the disease claims more lives of children than its deadly counterparts like AIDS.

“Diarrhea alone kills more children across the world than HIV malaria and measles put together. Let’s #immunise and save every child #Rotavirus,” tweeted Azmi.


  1. The deadly disease of diarrhoea ha killed many children in remote rural areas. The campaign should reach the inaccessible parts and government should develop health clinics in adivasi areas. Shabana Azami has rightly expressed concern.


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